Volt Rennes

Welcome to the capital of Brittany. In the student city of Rennes, Celtic, French and European cultures come together to create a great example of a wonderful European way of life. At Volt Rennes, we meet several times a month to work together on different issues for a better Europe. All political levels, from local to pan-European are important to us. Do you also want to contribute to our discussion and action group? Then contact us!

Volt Bretagne

For more information, get in touch with our team at rennes (@) voltfrance.org or reach out to our co-leads:

Maurice Hilbig (maurice.hilbig@volteuropa.org)
Audrenn Toczé (audrenn.tocze@volteuropa.org)

and also follow us on our Facebook page or our regional website for Brittany on - www.voltbretagne.eu !