Volt Paris

We defend a different way of doing politics: a citizen and pan-European approach. Together with you, we are looking for pragmatic solutions to make Paris more democratic, ecological and caring.

As a pan-European party, we benefit from the ideas and experience of other European countries. How can we live sustainably? How can we keep urban life affordable for all? How can we adapt to the challenges of the future? From Copenhagen to Milan, from Lisbon to Athens, intelligent solutions already exist.

As part of a European network, our Parisian team is shaping the city policy of tomorrow with you, the citizens of Paris, but also with teams from over 26 countries. Sign up now! Make a donation! Join us! You are welcome to join Volt Paris!

For more information, please contact our Paris lead, Fabiola Conti (fabiola.conti@volteuropa.org)

Municipal elections 2020

We have run for the 2020 municipal elections in the 9th arrondissement of Paris! Here is our programme