Volt Lyon

Welcome to the crossroads of Europe!

Come and meet the Volt team in one of the largest cities in France, at the confluence of the Rhône and the Sâone. We organise meetings twice a month in different districts and towns of the metropolis. This is an opportunity to discuss with the most motivated members, to debate current issues at local and European level.

Volt's ambition is to shape and decide our future, to electrify the political world with new and shared ideas across Europe.
If you want to participate, if you want to build a new form of democracy in the digital age, if you want to make Europe move towards more transparency and ethics in politics, contact us!

For more information, contact our Volt Lyon lead Thomas Lambert (thomas.lambert@volteuropa.org) and visit our page on Facebook

Municipal Elections 2020

During the 2020 municipal elections, Volt joined forces with 100% Citoyens and participated in the municipal and metropolitan elections in Lyon. Emilien Oumehdi, Grégory Plasse and Guillaume Noyer on lists in Villeurbanne and in the 3rd arrondissement of Lyon.the two movements agree to transform Lyon in 10 ideas imagined by 100% Citoyens:

  1. Modern governance (exemplarity of elected representatives, involvement and transparency in the use of public funds). No accumulation of mandates; allowances conditional on presence at the municipal or metropolitan council; transparency on the use of public money (representation expenses, travel, etc.), entrust the monitoring of public contracts to the opposition.
  2. Education: proposal for a new school rhythm, free extracurricular activities with richer content, mobilise talents from all sectors more often to work with children.
  3. Employment/Insertion: all people receiving the RSA can combine the allowance with the wages of the jobs (often temporary) that they find.
  4. Environment: Better sorting and recycling, rewarding the act of sorting thanks to intelligent bins installed in supermarkets, condominiums and public spaces, rewarding with vouchers. Set the ambition/objective of recycling 100% of waste and reducing the overall volume of our waste.
  5. Taxation/public action: do not increase taxes unless the current accounts are not accurate. Transparency on expenditure and budget.
  6. Housing: encourage new construction methods that are more respectful of the environment, get away from 100% concrete, use modular or wooden construction, encourage co-housing, intergenerational housing.
  7. Mobility: Encourage teleworking/coworking facilities around Lyon, reduce the number of home-to-work journeys. Challenge employers to save kilometres by teleworking. Stop the systematic use of metros + trams, test new infrastructures that are more economical in the long term and that integrate the production of renewable energies, particularly aerotrams/ cable cars.
  8. Urban planning: greening of facades, elimination of asphalt and bitumen, recycling of plastic to create permeable roads, collection of rainwater, painting the roofs of public buildings white (reduction of energy costs, moderate temperatures in the event of strong heat)+
  9. Economy: For the city and the metropolis, use innovation partnerships so that innovative companies can propose their solutions and test them with the agglomeration.
  10. Sécurité : Make transparency on the reality of complaints, no reliable and public information today. Organise resources, involve residents in the prevention of incivilities, give them the opportunity to lodge a complaint at the scene of the offence. Use existing video surveillance to improve traffic flow and identify road incidents. Renovate buildings and improve the working conditions of the police force.