Volt Ain-Genève

Ferney-Voltaire is a small border town in eastern France, just 10 kilometres from the centre of Geneva - the connection to Volt Geneva and Volt Switzerland could not be closer. Named after the famous French philosopher, the town exudes a historically progressive and internationalist mentality that calls for respect for others.

Ferney-Voltaire is also the centre of the Volt chapter of the Ain department (01). In the surrounding towns, many expats from EU member states live and cross the French-Swiss border every day to work in international organisations, non-governmental organisations or at the headquarters of international companies in Geneva or at CERN. This creates a rich and multilingual community, while being rooted in the best culture of French free spirits.

Join our team in Volt Ain-Genève ! Contact our team at ain-geneve (@) voltfrance.org or reach out to our Co-leads for France and Switzerland directly:

Co-lead FR : Jean-Pascal Zanders (jeanpascal.zanders@volteuropa.org)
Co-lead CH : Roberto Bonino (roberto.bonino@volteuropa.org)