Let's prepare 2023 together!

End of year fundraising campaign

We have received €1221 in donations from 14 donors so far! Thank you to everyone who has made a donation. We are aiming for our next target of €3000 to help develop Volt in the cities.

Welcome to our end of the year fundraiser. For changing French politics and making Europe a geopolitical actor, we must have the means to grow and professionalize Volt France. Throughout the coming weeks we will ask for your support and inform you about our work in the past year as well as our objectives for 2023 and 2024. Our articles alternate with testimonials for a more European perspective in French politics - the first of which was provided by our European politician from Germany,, Damian Boeselager. 

If you have not donated yet or want to donate again, you can do so on website (cheques/transfer) or direclty on our payment portal.

Thank you for your support!

The White Paper: Volt to end the standstill!

At the beginning of January, we published our White Paper: L'Elan Européen "27 concessions to legitimise the EU for the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union", for the beginning of the French Presidency. 

The French Presidency of the EU Council was a unique opportunity to take our ideas forward. With the support of all Volt chapters, we called on Emmanuel Macron to start working on a thorough reform of our institutions and to move forward on crucial issues such as digitalisation, attracting European talent and transforming European democracy. EU Member States often meet but do not yet work together, it is our duty to focus our efforts and resources to move in a common direction on these crucial issues.

Standing still would mean that Europe can only react: react to the Covid crisis, when we are struggling to coordinate appropriate responses at European level and to address vaccination on a global scale; react to Russia's abuse of human rights, plunging Ukraine into an unprecedented humanitarian crisis and destabilising Europe and its economy, impacting all our citizens. 

  • No, individual Member States cannot respond to Russia. 
  • No, individual Member States cannot find unilateral solutions to curb rising gas prices.  
  • Yes, Europe can take action to respond to Russia.
  • Yes, Europe can bend gas prices.

But this will only be possible if the 27 work together, with complementary standards and policies. We cannot hope to have a united and energy-independent Europe if some countries invest in renewables and others in fossil fuels, or if some invest heavily in nuclear energy research while others seek to avoid it. Only united policies can enable us to become important players on the international geopolitical stage.

For this purpose we have collected contributions from each of our 27 European chapters for further European integration. Find out more here.

Parliamentary elections: 12,000 votes!

For the first time we ran for the legislative elections, and what an experience! Our candidates were present in Bouches-du-Rhône, Nord, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, Bas-Rhin, Haut-Rhin, Rhône, Ille-et-Vilaine, Loire-Atlantique, Essonne, Paris and the constituencies of French people living abroad!

One of the key points of Volt's policy is to lead by example. We want to increase the representation of women in politics and it was therefore natural that 50% of our candidates were women. Our successes in these elections:

Gender parity (we gave up candidates who would not have allowed us to meet this objective)

Inclusiveness (the ages of our candidates ranged from 18 to 67); we believe it is important for young people to become more involved in politics and we encourage and facilitate this.

Candidatures all over France, from Marseille to Tourcoing, Saint Malo to Bayonne, and in 4 constituencies for French citizens established outside France

A sober campaign; conscious of our environmental impact, we made sure to limit the negative impact of all our campaign actions, even if it meant taking the train rather than the plane between Lisbon and Monaco!

Together we collected 12,000 votes and even came close (within 17 votes) to 5% in the constituency; a good reminder that every vote counts!

New members and European General Assembly in Prague

In the wake of the elections, many of you joined us! 

We are excited to start preparing for the next European elections in May 2024. We have started to rewrite our common platform in Prague: an exercise in direct democracy between members from 30 different countries. 

Do you like our approach and already want to prepare for the European elections? Join us today by joining the party and participate in our European conversations! You can also support us financially to allow us to move forward by professionalising us and offering you more and more ambitious projects.

Thank you for your support

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