Let's prepare 2023 together!

Fundraising campaign to end the year

Political renewal is becoming urgent. Support Volt to give pragmatism, progressive ideas and pan-European politics a place in French politics.

As 2022 draws to a close, this is your chance to support Volt France. By making a donation or joining the movement, you can support pro-European ideas.

This has been an eventful year for Volt France! For the first time, we participated in the parliamentary elections and we reached our goals. At the same time, Volt Europa continues to grow: 19 new members in the Netherlands, 4 in Italy, 2 in the Bulgarian Parliament, in addition to the 100 or so members already present in Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Bulgaria and Portugal! You can also see what our MEP has achieved in the European Parliament, Damian Boeselager

In 2023, we want to go even further!

Donation counter

#1 Streaming 1.000€ #2 Mobility 3.000€ #3 Trainee 7.500€ #4 Petitions 10.000€ #5 FestiVolt 15.000€ (Updated 31/12/2022)


Why donate to Volt?

Our goals ?

In 2024 we want to elect at least one French representative to the European Parliament. This work starts today, by professionalising our organisation. You can contribute by helping us to achieve these goals

Volt France - Fundraiser - Streaming

1.000€ Streaming

Buying licenses for streaming software

We are investing in more professional streaming software licenses to improve the production of our 'Volt meets Expert' shows - our discussions with experts on a variety of topics and #VoltNight - our bi-monthly political lounge on Twitch.

Volt France - Fundraiser - Mobilité

3.000€ Mobility

Capturing cities - mobility support

We are setting up and strengthening 25 teams throughout France and €3,000 will enable regional coordinators to ensure the link between the various teams. At Volt we're not working in silos!

Volt France - Fundraiser - Stagiaire

7.500€ Trainee

Hire a trainee for at least 6 months

A full-time intern will allow us to focus on raising Volt's profile in the political arena and getting more young people actively involved in politics!

Volt France - Fundraiser - Pßetitions

10.000€ Petitions

Create our own tool to collect signatures

We would like to build our own tool to collect signatures and launch petitions. Sign to vote for us in elections, support our petitions at local and national level. We need to adapt our website and newsletter engine for this purpose and your donation will help us to do this.

Volt France - Fundraiser - FestiVolt

15.000€ FestiVolt

Organising our summer days

Who said that politics should be limited to boring discussions? The first FestiVolt 2022 in the Netherlands combined culture, music and politics. We want to organise the next FestiVolt in France next summer.

How do tax deductions work?

All French nationals and residents in France can make donations to political parties. When you make a donation, you can reclaim 66% of it (up to 7500€/year) in your tax return for the following year. This means that :

  • A donation of 50€ allows 33€ of tax reduction, that is 17€ of effective donation,   
  • A donation of 100€ allows 66€ of tax reduction, that is 34€ of effective donation,
  • A donation of 250€ allows 165€ of tax reduction, that is 85€ of effective donation,
  • A donation of 500€ allows 330€ of tax reduction, that is 170€ of effective donation.

Volt France must declare donations received to the Commission Nationale des Comptes de Campagne et des Financements Politiques (CNCCFP).. The CNCCFP will validate the donations and issue donation receipts to Volt France, which we will send to you in the first quarter of 2023. You can claim all donations on your tax return and will receive a 66% refund afterwards.

For more information, please contact us and consult our donation policy..

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