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End of the year fundraiser

Welcome to our end of year fundraiser. To change French politics, to make Europe a geopolitical actor, we must have the means to grow and professionalize Volt France. Our letters alternate between this information and testimonials calling for European perspectives in French politics.

We have received 2232€ in donations so far! Thank you to everyone who has participated. We are aiming for our next goal: 3000€ to support our teams across the country!

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Giving weight to Volt in French politics!

Volt France - Sven Franck

Sven Franck

Co-President of Volt France

(by Sven Franck, co-president of Volt France)

The coming year will be a decisive one for Volt. What we achieve in 2023 will determine our chances of having at least one Volt MEP elected to the European Parliament. Our goal is to create our own group in the European Parliament, consisting of at least 25 MEPs from at least 7 countries. So let's get someone from Volt elected in France!

Reforming Democracy in France: in politics, I am for the small against the big

One day our democracy will work, that is our hope. Our democracy works today, that is the illusion. Representativeness and consensus-based decisions are two key ideas that must be defended in a democracy. Both are more achievable in a pluralistic political landscape with a majority of parties close to the political center. In literature I am for the big against the small, and in politics I am for the small against the big.

The fewer political blocs or parties there are, the more they slide towards the extremes, the greater the risk of unbalancing our democracy. We are not far from such a scenario, with currently two populist groups firing on both sides at the only bloc in the center, constantly opposing any consensus, and a center pushed to its limits, brandishing the 49.3 as a weapon of defence, endangering the supposed representativeness of our assembly.

We will only lose if we allow ourselves to be divided instead of working together toward consensus. Such a democracy must exist in a balance of interests, constantly adjusting to offset populist impulses.

There comes a time when protesting is no longer enough: after philosophy, action is needed!

The balance of our democracy requires a pragmatic opposition with which a majority can cooperate in good faith. This is our vision. As we have already shown in the Netherlands, Bulgaria or Brussels, we debate and defend our ideas and projects in cooperation and do not define ourselves by a systematic opposition NO.

Inveterate abuses can only be corrected with time, that is why we have a long term perspective and vision of a democracy representative of its people at the European and French levels. We are not a political start-up but a party wishing to give back its letters of nobility to Democracy.

If you like our vision and our project, join us today by joining the party and participate in our European conversations!  You can also support us financially to allow us to move forward by becoming more professional and offering you more ambitious projects.

Thank you for your support

Sven Franck – co-president of Volt France

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