Volt Newsletter - September 2021

> The new board - Our general assembly in Strasbourg
> Volt France's latest news
> Volt France on the ground and local activities
> News from other Volt Europa chapters
> What's happening at European level

September 2021

Welcome to our newsletter for September. A new board was elected at our general meeting and so we are also introducing a new newsletter format with news from Volt France and across Europe.

Enjoy reading!

The new board - Our general assembly in Strasbourg

On the weekend of 10 September, the members of Volt France elected a new bureau (our board of directors) for the next two years. After a passionate internal campaign, members voted Fabiola Conti and Sven Franck as the new co-presidents, making Volt the first party in France with a co-president born outside France. Francis Riera was elected treasurer while Charlotte Barsky, Sacha Courtial, Anne Chamayou and Robin Fontaine complete the board as new non-executive and executive members. If you want to know more, have a look at our profiles in our press kit.

Volt France - Equipe

As well as debating and voting on a path for the future of Volt France, we took advantage of being close to the German border to meet with the Volt Germany teams and participate in their national campaign. We organised a march from Strasbourg to Kehl before spending the day talking to citizens on both sides of the border.

Volt France - Assemblée Générale à Strasbourg 2021 - Manifestation

Participate in upcoming events:

A new episode for Volt France

This weekend also marked the beginning of a new episode for Volt France, as the new board looks to the upcoming legislative elections in preparation for the European elections in 2024. Our main objectives for the next mandate will be to

> be much more visible on the French political landscape

We want to position ourselves on current political issues in France - see for example our position on the Aukus alliance or the State of the European Union address by the President of the European Commission. The coming months will be important as we want to ensure that Europe plays a role in the next presidential elections. Finally, visibility also means starting to build our network with like-minded political movements and associations.

> professionalize our internal organisation

We are already benefiting from best practices on how to organise ourselves and establish a common internal structure through the other Volt Europa chapters, and we want to build on this to become a much more professional and responsive organisation.

> prepare ourselves for the financial hurdles to overcome in the future

Fundraising is a priority because, unlike in other countries, politics in France is not only based on good ideas but also on deep pockets. In order to change this (for example through a single ballot), we need to participate in the elections. And to participate, we need to find the necessary funding to buy ballots and professions. This is no easy task, but we are already working on building a network of donors sufficient to fund our participation in the upcoming elections.

In short : There is a lot to build on, but the new board is already hard at work.

Do you want to work with us? To give us your opinion on our strategy?

Volt France on the ground

Some of the local teams have already resumed work after our general assembly. The Paris and Lille teams have organised live broadcasts of the German national elections in collaboration with local associations. Volt Lille is also setting up a cross-border group in the Eurometropole region with members of Volt Belgium to establish common objectives such as public transport, the cross-border labour market and tourism.

Volt Lille - Soirée élections allemandes
Volt Paris - Soirée élections allemandes

Finally, we are creating new local teams in Annecy, Metz and Bayonne, so if you live near these teams and would like to join us, contact us

News from other Volt chapters

September was a busy month with Volt Germany, Volt Austria and Volt Portugal participating in the elections.

Volt Germany has coloured the country purple for the past four months, putting up over 100,000 posters across the country and setting an example for a national campaign. The overall results - and who will succeed Angela Merkel - came as a surprise, however, as our Volt Germany neighbours received 0.4% of the national vote, which is over 160,000 votes. In the Berlin region and at county level, we achieved between 0.8 and 2.3%, which allowed us to make our first marks in municipal boundaries - this was two weeks after participating in the municipal elections in Lower Saxony, where Volt Germany ran in 17 municipalities, winning a seat in 16 of them. Successful campaigning is not an easy task for a young movement like ours, but Volt Germany has clearly prepared the ground for future elections and has even been noticed here in France for its campaign on Europe and its efforts.

Volt Portugal also participated in its first elections, running in five municipalities - alone or in coalition with other parties - with great success for Volt Coimbra, which elected the first female Volt member to the municipal council, making Volt a party with elected members now in five countries! Finally, Volt Austria also participated in the municipal elections in Linz with a visibility target achieved (without winning any seats). The next elections are the municipal elections in Denmark and Italy and Volt Bulgaria is preparing for the 3rd national elections this year in November.

Volt France - Élections Allemands (photo par spiegel.de)

What's happening at European level

While our national board has been elected, Volt Europa is in the midst of campaigning for the next European board elections on 16 and 17 October in Lisbon. Candidates from all over Europe are running to carry Volt to the next European elections and every Volt member can participate in the election.

Volt France - Campaign pour le bureau de Volt Europa

The assembly will take place on 17 and 18 October in person for the first time after Covid: Volters from all over Europe will be able to meet again and preparations are in full swing with over 1,000 members expected! The two-day event will of course be broadcast on our Youtube channel to allow all members to participate. A series of European policy proposals will also be submitted as well as several other organisational issues. Beyond any political component, we certainly speak for all of Volt when we say that we look forward to seeing each other beyond the Zoom window and spending a weekend in Portugal celebrating Europe and advocating for cooperation on the continent.

Volt France - Assemblée Générale à Lisboa 2021 - Les co-Présidents de Volt Portugal

As you can see, there is a lot going on and the next few months will certainly be interesting. And in all honesty, we will need all the help we can get for the parliamentary elections. So if you feel like contributing financially, as a member, as a volunteer or as a candidate…

À bientôt.