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Let's move towards universal suffrage for EU citizens

Voters without Borders is an initiative launched by a group of students for universal suffrage, i.e. universal suffrage for EU citizens in their country of residence in Europe. Volt discovered this campaign when we were looking to launch a similar initiative. We contacted the team a few weeks ago to offer our support, and viola, we are now on our way to collect signatures.

What is it about? Universal suffrage for EU residents

Political rights are the essential feature of any citizenship. While European citizenship is strengthened by the recognition of professional qualifications and access to social security rights in the country of residence, political rights lag behind, with Europeans often unaware of their right to vote and eligibility in many countries (including France) limited to municipal and European elections.

European citizenship has evolved beyond its economic origins and European citizens should no longer be seen as mere guest workers, but as full and equal members of society.

It is not consistent to pay taxes, to be well integrated in a society and then to be excluded from certain elections. It is illogical that European citizens can vote and stand in local elections but not in regional elections which concern many of the same public services that have an impact on daily life.

Think about it: French people going abroad are more likely to abstain and EU citizens living in France are not allowed to vote. This excludes voices for an open, multicultural and forward-looking society, to the benefit of traditionalists and nationalists. We should all have a voice and a vote to defend our democracies. That is why universal suffrage for EU citizens is so important.

"Voters without Borders is using a European Citizens' Initiative to call on the European Commission to reform existing rights legislation, to extend them to regional and national elections and referendums, while considering the wider impact of full political rights for EU citizens without discriminating against third country nationals.

How can this be achieved? The European Citizens' Initiative (ECI)

The European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) is an innovation of the Lisbon Treaty giving a right of political initiative to a group of at least one million EU citizens from at least a quarter of the member states. The European Commission may thus be asked to draft new proposals for EU legal acts in the areas of its competence, but is not obliged to do so (more information on Wikipedia and the page of the European Commission).

"Voters without Borders launched an application for such a European Citizens' Initiative and it was accepted with a start date of 1 September 2020.

This means that from this day on, we will have 365 days to collect 1 000 000 signatures from at least 7 European countries.

How can I help?

Do you want to sign directly on the European Commission's page?

Want to help us collect signatures? Sign up as a member or volunteer.