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Volt is a citizen movement with 25,000 members in 31 European countries who share the same values and the idea of a more participatory, progressive and pan-European politics

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Photographie du début du cortège de la marche pour une Europe citoyenne lancée par Volt Europa.

Avec son assemblée générale paneuropéenne, Volt Europa lance sa campagne des européennes 2024 !

Nov 26, 2023, 7:32:46 AM
L'AG de Volt Europa a réuni un millier de membres de Volt de toute l'Europe les 25 et 26/11 à Paris.
Volt France - La liberté d'informer

Affair Lavrilleux: our proposals to protect freedom of information

Sep 28, 2023, 7:07:50 AM
Volt France is concerned about the arrest and prosecution of investigative journalist Ariane Lavrilleux
Volt France - Conflit entre l'Armenie et l'Azerbaidjan

Europe and the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan

Sep 20, 2023, 7:01:54 PM
On 21 September, the Armenian people celebrate the independence of the Republic of Armenia. However, the mood is far from festive.

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Publications to nurture the discussion on the future of Europe.

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Volt Event

Meet & Greet - Lille

Volt Lille, English
Dec 7, 2023, 06:30 PM UTC - 08:30 PM UTC
Join us and let's talk European elections with our head of the list, Sven Franck
Le Ya's Bar
89, Rue du Molinel
Lille, FR

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What makes us different from other parties? We are not only a party but also a citizen movement, in touch with society. We don't just do politics, but initiate or support concrete projects across Europe, in collaboration with other organisations. In more than 30 countries, we encourage citizens at local, national and European level to rethink and reshape politics and society.

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Updated June 25th, 2023, Photo by NGDC/DMSP/ESA